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Who I Am

My name is Sarah Armbruster. I am a military wife from Arizona. I am currently living quite east of Arizona with my husband and our two pets: a corgi named Spike, and a catzilla named Phoebe. I love to read, and I happen to have a knack for spotting errors. I know what it's like to stare at your own work until your eyes cross and you can't stand it anymore. I have a passion for helping people in that situation to love their work again.

What I Do

As a proofreader and editor, I have a love for indie novels and their authors. I examine your work for grammatical, spelling, and other convention errors and mark them up for you to remedy; I can also offer you feedback on the content. Not a novelist? If you’re a blogger, a journalist, or just someone who does a lot of writing in your day-to-day, I am here for you too. Typos happen; I’m here to find them. 

Traditional publishing houses often have multiple editing and proofreading steps, offering their authors further polish on their works and helping them feel good about their finished work. I want to be there to help you love your work’s final form.


I think being an avid reader since the age of four and a total word nerd makes me pretty qualified, but I understand some people require more than that.

I have a technical writing certification from Texas A&M, and a general proofreading certification from Proofread Anywhere.

I volunteer proofread for Project Gutenberg. I proofread using The Chicago Manual of Style, but I will use your personal style guide if requested.

I have experience with basic editing and proofreading, I am confident in using Microsoft Word and Google Docs, I am experienced with using the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition and am confident I can navigate additional style guides with ease. I am detail-oriented, work well under deadlines, and I am flexible.